Leos Legacy

In November 2013, Churchdown residents Anne and Peter had to have their beloved greyhound Leo put to sleep.

It was due to the immense stress he suffered when hearing fireworks. His symptoms caused him to panic, dehydrate and reject food. Fireworks are no longer reserved for the 5th of November and can last on a nightly basis from Halloween for a further 3 to 4 weeks. There was no escape from the daily barrage for poor Leo and, together with the local vets, Anne and Peter thought it kinder to euthanise him rather than prolong his torment.

Leo was full of life, and although he disliked fireworks the intensity and frequency proved too much for him. Although this was an extreme case, many of us see our pet dogs and cats suffer at this time of year, not to mention those in kennels and catteries.

Churchdown Fireworks Extravaganza is proud to support Leos Legacy and where possible quieter fireworks are used. Leos Legacy was established to regulate the sale of Fireworks and encourage people to attend organised displays.

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